Wednesday, 24 December 2014

So, you are the black sheep of the family...

Christmas is the time of year when we are confronted by where we came from - most of us, while not necessarily being physically present with our family members, at least make contact with them - and the realities of who they are (and maybe what they have always been like) becomes glaringly apparent. Families all have their quirky loved ones, and if your family happens to know you are a sex worker (as mine do), you may well be it.

A lovely story an ex-sex worker told me (she's now in her 70s) was how she announced to her parent after her first client about her fabulous new job: "Mother, all I have to do is make love to men!" Another sex worker I know of told her father who was initially concerned for how her soul was going to survive - he now leaves her notes telling her she is "such a fine daughter".

My own family is conservative and strictly religious and not without our own eccentricities, and that is before you even include me amongst them.


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  1. We're all black sheep , sex and money - escorts and non-escorts alike base their world around it.


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