Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Some men (who love their wives) visit escorts

Sometimes couples stay together because they really love each other and want to continue the personal investment they've made in their past and the family unit and home.

The monogamous ideas that have been passed down through the ages means that couple are obliged to only make love with each other until the end of their relationship. Yet the modern consensus agrees; why should a lady keep being intimate with her husband if she doesn't want to? (Playing devil's advocate here as I have my own opinions on the benefits of sex for women, specifically the benefits of orgasms).

Be honest - would you really enjoy having sex with your partner if she was not into it? Even though sometimes in marriage we do what we don't want to, a lot of men don't want to have sex with an unwilling partner so they don't force the issue.

But men still have needs, even an (incomprehensible to women) need for variety. That's why the sex industry exists. If a man has not left his wife, even though he sees escorts or his wife is no longer making love with him as often, it's because he still loves his wife or doesn't wish to disrupt the life they have built together. Good for him is what I say. 

Below is something that was sent to me by a man with the interesting distinction that he does not have sexual intercourse with sex workers.  This explains why and how he sees escorts.

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  1. Thank you for including this man's story. All I could think about was "you sad bugger" cos I know exactly what he is going through. The anger, frustration and resentment towards someone that you love and plan to spend the rest of your life with is soul-destroying. Having sex denied eats into every thought and actions of every day. I have tried to discuss this with my wife, but she just will not or cannot understand my needs. To make matters worse, she broke her leg recently and had to have surgery. This meant I had to do so much around the place to look after her and meet her obvious needs. While ordinarily one would do this as part of a team, it is impossible to do it without additional resentment at knowing that as soon as the leg is healed, my own needs will be scorned as selfish and inappropriate, just cos they aren't obviously physical.

    I have huge respect for the work that Amber does, and the honesty with which she does it. Fortunately, she also appears to get much enjoyment from it.

    A truly professional sex worker is the most honest profession around. She provides an essential service, but without hiding behind demands for dinners and diamonds.

    I enjoy reading Amber's blog. My only gripe is that it is not frequent enough! I enjoy the forthright tone, the insights into a salacious subject matter and the purity with which it is written. So, thank you so much and please continue - I am sure there are many more men who enjoy it too


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