Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sex Workers Starting With Why

I've been enjoying the fabulous book Start With Why by Simon Sinek after a recommendation by someone I respect a lot and who has had an amazing career in their (creative) field.

In fact I listened to the audio book and loved it so much that I'm now reading it on kindle and have even gifted it to others to read. I've mentioned it to many people recently as well.

It's not that I aspire to be a leader but I like the basic premise, which is that we should start with why we are doing our "work" (or anything really) before we try and inspire others or sell what or how we do it (for example, via advertising to our staff, clients or just our supportive champions). If anything it confirms my long-held belief that sex workers can create their own niche services. There are many sex workers I know of consciously doing this  ... more on my website

Friday, 13 May 2016

Forced conversations when you’ve been outed

Cyber bullying comes in many forms, from the relatively mild (but still harmful) tweet-bombing, Facebook posting, harassment on online forums etc, to the most dreaded extreme for sex workers - being publicly outed and/or lied about as a sex worker on websites set up to humiliate.  When this happens, and sex workers have to deal with a horrifying situation where they are outed to their loved ones and communities, it is obviously carried out by someone seeking to hurt them. This usually happens anonymously and without warning although occasionally advance threats are made and/or the person outing her, by revealing certain private information, is identifiable. This heartbreaking scenario happened to a friend of mine recently online for the world to see.  She is still processing the repercussions...  Read more on my website.