Sunday, 14 December 2014

Fear of Fifty

Flidais, my favourite Celtic Goddess, of a voracious sexual appetite

Part of us wants to love like the goddesses -- coldly and capriciously. Part of us owes allegiance to Kali, eating her lover and attaching his skull to her waist. Part of us wants to love like Juno, scooping up mortal men, toying with them, then letting them go, turning them, in parting, into caves for the sea to crash through, great phallic stones, or even, if we are merciful, swine. Part of us wants to be Athena and Diana -- who need no lovers, who have intellect and marksmanship instead.
Erica Jong, Fear of Fifty.

Fantastic!  I no longer have a fear of fifty.  In fact, I'm celebrating in public.


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