Saturday, 17 May 2014

Et tu, Google+?

Amber O'Hara's now banned Google Plus profile

Gosh, it's as if sex workers don't have enough to juggle with, without now being overly-censored by the stuffy and the righteous on this vast wasteland of free porn, otherwise known as the Internet.



  1. Google are very puritanical - make sure that you keep a backup of your blog becasue they are well known for taking down adult content blogs without warning. I maintain a backup Wordpress site & it's one of the reasons I decided to buy my own domain so that should the blogger site ever dissapear the domain is safe & able to be quickly redirected. Yahoo aren't much better BTW since they bought Tumblr so I maintain a backup site of the image blog as well - it would seriously piss me off is either site dissapeared after all the time I spend on them.

    I avoid Google+ - its only value is to help Google track who you interact with along with co-relating any email addresses & phone numbers used on linked accounts

  2. I can probably guess the technicalities they used to suspend your account but it is ridiculous to say the least. It was ridiculous when they brought in the rule that you had to use your real name and link everything as well (because EVERYONE uses their real name online so that they can be found easily). In the grand scheme of things though, if they can't handle all that is you, it's their loss. I'll follow wherever your site eventually ends up and I'm sure others will as well. Keep on keepin on hun :)

    1. Thanks for your encouragement. I still have lots to say on the topic of sex work. Xx

    2. And it's the real name thing they have deleted a lot of profiles for. "But Amber O'Hara is my real name, Officer." (Said innocently, while sucking a lollipop, with my hair in pigtails).

  3. Ok, the pigtails, lollipop, and innocent look you will REALLY have to show me someday lol!!


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