Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Buying Sex - creative licence and a Canadian doco

This blog post may not be of interest to many readers because it is about a film that not many will get to see and it is not really a film that's even worth seeking out.  But it's about buying sex, which involves clients of sex workers so I thought I would give my take on it.



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  2. I've posted some fairly strong opinions regarding the documentary (, the politics behind it & what in my opinion were very biased strategies on the part of the documentary makers with whom I had a lot of contact & helped them make some important contacts in NZ. It's great that the current outcome for Canadian sex workers is as it stands but there are powerful forces already trying to overturn that just as very powerful lobby groups are constantly trying to return NZ to the dark ages by repealing the NZPRA.

    BTW Daryl - time we had another catch-up over a beer

    1. I'm hoping no backward political steps are taken in either country - that would be eerily Orwellian. Thanks for your (unacknowledged but still seen) advocacy btw. X


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