Saturday, 2 November 2013

Trying out online advertising

Since I have been advertising in the Press, I have been very happy with the lovely clients who have come to see me.



  1. Amber,

    Insightful/interesting comments re: the "well-educated" issue. I guess by your criteria I am one of those "authentically" intelligent types (i.e. post-grad degree from a so called world class university overseas). But when you shake it right down, whilst I fancy my abilities in my chosen fields, I suspect (for example) my mathematics and science knowledge/ability would be considered abysmal by anybody remotely knowledgeable in those areas.

    As a rule, even very "smart" types really only tend to be smart in certain areas. My point is that when it comes to "escort intelligence", I consider it far more important that my companion has a sufficient level of education so that she can engage in commonsensical, respectful conversation on a reasonably broad range of topics of interest to most ordinary people, so as to let us mutually stimulate each other's brains a bit, if that is what's desired in the moment.

    Far more important, to me, however, is that she has a sufficient level of education (both formal and informal) and personal development so as to have a personality that is tolerant of different opinions, different needs, and with ability to empathise. Sadly, these qualities are very often absent in the self-declared "well-educated" ones who uses that label more as a tag for self-perceived exclusivity and specialness.

    1. Replying to your own comment is a bit weird but anyway here goes some more.....

      I find that providers who abuse the "well-educated" label (i.e. when they neither have the actual formal papers nor any or some of the personal attributes of being well-educated) to be just further examples of the normalising of the abnormal that both Voyager and myself have discussed on our blogs.

      What I mean is that, whatever their motivation happens to really be in so labelling themselves, they fundamentally refuse to see that (for example) most men who come and see them wish to "get their rocks off" and an element of sexual objectification of them is inevitable. Of course, no one would enjoy being so objectified all the time and perhaps they want to project an image or inculcate a belief in themselves (justified or otherwise) that they can/do much more.

      In many cases, these providers do but with actions come consequences. When people start to project themselves out as someone that they really aren't, shit can really hit the fan. So I think your caution and consideration in terms of describing yourself is laudable.

  2. Thanks for your comments. To be honest, I try not to take it all too seriously, but I have to admit intelligent men are very sexy, so there are bound to be some men who feel the same way about women. I would just hate to over promise regarding my own intelligence, although I have done a bit of stuff at uni since I got back on the rails. What I really love is lying about naked afterwards telling filthy jokes. Just feels so darn decadent. Sigh.


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