Monday, 18 November 2013

Men who love breasts

I have my share of "breast men" who call on me, (which is lucky because my derriere is not really anything to write home about).  


  1. Well, since you asked...

    The term "Spanish" depends on whether one is talking in Australasian slang or elsewhere. In the former, the term refers to the penis between her breasts, but elsewhere the slang term for the same act is Russian. In Australia, the term "Russian" is what we (sorry, I mean, some of us) would call a "quickie". Of course, this does not uncover the etymology of the terms, but my guess is that they are associated with racial stereotypes.

  2. Thanks for your very informative comment. I had never heard of the term "Russian". Another that used to be used was English and that was for caning and the like. Think English boarding schools.

  3. Maybe Russian is just "rushing", which of course is what one is doing during a quickie....

  4. Hmmm, urban myths start like this... There is probably a good (or a bad) thesis out there if one decided to uncover the origins of these terms. I hadn't heard of the term "Russian" until a few years ago, and it has become quite popular for reasons I can't work out. I suspect some of the rise and fall of these terms in recent decades has to do with the second-level film industry (i.e. the films you *don't* see reviewed in the Press) where certain acts, mannerisms, or sayings become part of the few high points in an otherwise low form of art. I knew a woman who tried to write a PhD on these topics, but towards the end of the thesis process she gave up as it had become just too political. Not "politically correct", just bitchy... She ended up working in a library; what a contrast.


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