Sunday, 24 April 2016

Love as community - a contemplation

A contemplation on Amber O'Hara's What gets women off? and Love within Sex Work.

Amber O'Hara proposes an interesting question in her two part series What gets women off? One guesses she explores this question with more clarity in her essay Love within Sex Work. While "love" and "getting off sexually" are by no means the same, they are not totally different. We do equate them. Love has specific meanings as in parent/child love, child/parent love, love of life, making love, unconditional love, while "getting off" is about orgasmic responses. Sex while a bonding agent is a component of adult love it is much less important to secure bonds than popularly thought.

O'Hara seems to have a curiosity about connection that transcends these three essays... read more on my website

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