Friday, 25 March 2016

Lurking and Peering and the Culture of Complaint

The day I visited my friend and fellow sex worker, Clio, at her house*, I was wearing my (non-sex worker-like) day clothes of jeans and a plain, dark woollen top and carrying a large, black art portfolio, as I was visiting to show Clio some sketches from a creative project I started at university. As I walked down her driveway towards her premises, (in a straight line as the driveway has a direct route towards Clio's front door,) which is clearly marked by a large number visible from the street footpath, a lady who was entering a next door property in the same block of townhouses, hesitated before opening her front door to take a lingering look at me, while two other residents of the same townhouse, watched me from different windows on different floors. As I walked past their house, I glimpsed another woman watching me through some foliage from an attached balcony.

Below is a guest post by Clio the Whore.

For a brief but happy time I ran a brothel. I ran a good clean place with co workers I liked, and because I lived there I was able to be hospitable and flexible.

Then I received an email from the property manager, saying that he believed I was engaging in illegal activity ie: running a brothel and thereby using the house for purposes other than residential. He gave me two weeks to shut it down or I would be evicted.



  1. Hello Amber. Unfortunately, I think there is quite a big disconnect here in NZ between sex work being decriminalised and its acceptance by the general population. Even though its legal between consenting adults, its still frowned upon, and thought of as shameful. God forbid that anyone acknowledges that men and women have needs for connection and sexual pleasure. I have been single for a few months and have visited 2 sex workers - I enjoyed my time with both, and intend to visit more. I'll have to find my way to Christchurch to visit you :-).

    Also, I must say its a pleasure to come across a sex blog written by a woman in NZ - most of the ones I read are based overseas. Do you know of any other NZ based sex bloggers?

    Cheers, Tobydog

    1. Hi Tobydog, thanks for your comments. Regarding other bloggers, there are quite a few. If you google neon doll you will find a site based in Auckland which has links to several bloggers (excluding me though, but you've already found me). I'd love to meet you. xxx


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