Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Men love to look

How to hold the attention of men*

There comes an interesting time in the lives of young women when we realise the effect that our body has on men.  It could be when out of the corner of our eye, we see that male head is turned as we totter across the road in our first high heels, parenthetically wiggling our hips.  Or it could be when we notice that every boy we come across can not take his eyes from our white school blouse, and if we undo the top two buttons, they become completely transfixed.  A little flash of our blossoming bosom accompanied by a shy smile, and he's all ours, at least for that moment.


  1. As I have become older it has become less about the fascination, excitement and intrigue that nudity can give, it's become more about the act of becoming nude, I mean the seductive tease. I could easily sit and watch you slowly dress or undress seductively. The simple act of watching you taking your stockings off and on could drive me nuts.
    Also you mentioned how tight clothing highlighted girls attractive and alluring assets and the curiosity that it invoked, to me that curiosity is the allure, the promise of something more.
    If you add the allure with the tease the state of nudity doesn't really matter sexual lust takes over.
    This is again an excellent thought provoking and insightful blog.

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    2. Thank you! <3 It is fascinating the mind-body connection - so in this case, why deny ourselves such pleasure? Our brains are such sexy computers, and a response to the promise which removal or the tease of removal of clothing suggests is a very intelligent and fun reaction. xxx


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