Friday, 7 November 2014


One thing sex workers seem to fear most is being outed, or an aspect of their lives being outed, and interestingly it is probably the most well-used threat some sex workers make against others. However, quite often sex workers let things slip, for example by their lifestyles or in conversations with their friends, which inadvertently reveals that they are or have been on the game.

Below is a piece written by a friend, who happens to occasionally enjoy the company of working girls. I am publishing this here with his permission.

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  1. Some other areas that I have encounterred over the years that lead to issues of possible outing:

    People come unstuck when they tell one person one backstory and another somethigng else. Most lies are caught because the liar can't remember what they said to who so create one backstory for everyone. Write it down, read it regualrly, especially just prior to meeting a new client, and if you have to make an embellishment add it to the written account to be used for everyone.

    Create a backstory for friends and family in the same way but keep it very simple.

    Always use a work phone (you would be surprised by the number of ladies who do not). Never use one phone for the purpose of the other especially youir personal phone for calling/texting clients because your work phone is 'out of credit'. Turn your personal phone off just before a client arrives and try to keep it in another room. If that is not possible put it away in a drawer or cupboard. Make sure both work and personal phone have screen locks and use them.

    Create a WG persona that is different in appearance to your real life. Wigs are good and can be found for $200-$300. If this is not realistic then dress and use makeup different to what you use personally. You would be surprised the number of men who will walk right by you if they only see you dressed and made up in one way and you change it.

    You will soon acquire regular clients. Some will visit you more regularly than others. But no matter how well you get to know them never forget that you are working when with them. Do not give away any personal information. If your WG persona is a single childless woman don't tell them about how the babysitter cancelled at the last minute and you struggled to find a replacement. Don't tell them how your car needed repairs and how parts for a particualr make and model are costly.

    And never get involved in workplace politics.


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